讀者Whitney Peng昨天(2023-4-27)利用本網站的「與我聯絡」寄來一封英文電郵。我決定發表它的原文和翻譯,因為(1)她是即將進入哈佛大學公共衛生營養學系的碩士生(註:這個學系是世界首屈一指的營養學系),(2)她說她原本對我的文章和書籍抱持懷疑,但後來發現它們解決了她對營養學的困惑,(3)她雖然才剛大學畢業,但英文卻是出奇的好。

Hi Dr. Lin,

This is Whitney Peng, a Master of Public Health in Nutrition candidate currently working in a venture capital accelerator firm based in Hong Kong.

I’d like to send you a note to thank you for addressing most, if not all, of my confusion about modern nutrition science. If I were to be 100% frank, I picked up your book with much skepticism as there are many publications in this field that claim to possess the ultimate truth about nutrition and health (I’ve learned from my past decade of studies that nutrition science remains “modern” because it’s still relatively nascent and understudied). Nonetheless, your book was exceptionally refreshing to read, and your writing shows the rigor, curiosity, and exploratory nature of a scientist. I also appreciate how you were able to provide reasonable rationales for why the myth/rumor emerges from the social, political, and economic perspectives.

Meanwhile, as I am getting ready to begin my graduate study in Nutrition, I will be taking a three-month break from my full-time job to plan for my next journey and work on my personal project. My background since high school has been in nutrition science and human physiology, and I have always had an ambitious goal to
1) Justify the overlooked relationship between food nutrition, human health, and climate sustainability (ie. through my undergraduate studies in Human Health as a pre-med student and with my incoming MPH program in Nutrition)
2) Empower scientists and entrepreneurs that are working on building better products that have the potential to equalize the current food system and food supply chain (ie. through my current job where our investment mandate is to help empower startups with disruptive technologies that can revolutionize the precarious food system)
3) Help the public make conscious purchase decisions, which includes understanding the identity and truth about their food choices and how/whether their food choices impact their health from a personal decision (ie. What I hope to achieve with training from the MPH program)

Thank you again for being such an inspiring figure – I hope I can exchange conversations and learn from you one day! If you ever need an extra hand on research for your next grand publication, I am more than happy to help.


我是 Whitney Peng,公共衛生營養學碩士候選人,目前在香港一家風險投資加速器公司工作。

我想向您發送一份短函,感謝您解決了我對現代營養科學的大部分(如果不是全部)困惑。 如果我要 100% 坦率地說,我帶著很大的懷疑拿起您的書,因為這個領域有許多出版物聲稱擁有關於營養和健康的終極真理(我從過去十年的研究中了解到營養科學 仍然是“現代的”,因為它仍然是相對地才剛出生且未被充分研究)。 儘管如此,您的書讀起來格外清新,您的文字顯示出科學家的嚴謹、好奇心和探索精神。 我也很欣賞您如何能夠從社會、政治和經濟角度提供合理的理由來解釋為什麼神話/謠言會出現。

與此同時,當我準備開始我的營養學研究生學習時,我將從我的全職工作中休息三個月,以計劃我的下一次旅程並開展我的個人項目。 我高中以來的背景是營養科學和人體生理學,我一直有一個雄心勃勃的目標

1) 證明食物營養、人類健康和氣候可持續性之間被忽視的關係(即通過我作為醫學預科生的人類健康本科學習和我即將入學的公共衛生營養學碩士班課程)

2) 為致力於開發更好產品的科學家和企業家賦權,這些產品有可能平衡當前的食品系統和食品供應鏈(即通過我目前的工作,我們的投資任務是幫助初創公司採用顛覆性技術,從而徹底改變 不穩定的食物系統)

3) 幫助公眾做出有意識的購買決定,包括了解他們的食物選擇的身份和真相,以及他們的食物選擇如何/是否影響他們的個人決定的健康(即我希望通過公共衛生營養學碩士班培訓而能完成的目標)

再次感謝您是如此激勵人心的人物——我希望有一天能與您交流並向您學習! 如果您需要為您下一本大作的研究找幫手,我是會非常樂意幫助的。